Our Mission

To provide impactful support to professionals on the front lines so they may continue to share their unique gifts and expertise with their organization, community, family and most importantly, themselves.  

We are deeply committed to focusing all of our resources on staff. While there is an abundance of organizations doing good work for clients, students, patients, and people in need, there are few entities that dedicate the entirety of their knowledge and services to professionals making a difference in the world. We do. 

Our Values

Consistency, reliability, clear communication, excellence, authenticity, presence and respect are our governing principles. We respect the uniqueness of each situation and individual and remain curious and open to complexity and depth that arises. 

Our Approach

Each of our programs is a compilation of multiple healing components designed to support professionals suffering from compassion fatigue / secondary trauma stress and vicarious trauma. We simultaneously address the personal needs, bodily needs and community needs of each individual. Because trauma triggers the body and a sense of isolation and disconnection from self and others, it is imperative that we actively address all three layers of being. Our signature approach has grown out of  our founders's extensive work as a mind-body therapist. Taryn Hughes' specific way of working is called the Linked Method™ which links an individual more deeply to themselves, their body, others and to their personal purpose. 

We provide the opportunity for healing and for the possibility of post traumatic growth - the positive change that occurs as a result of living through life's challenges. 

Taryn E. Hughes
CEO / Founder

A pioneer in the field of mind-body therapy, Ms. Hughes' professional commitment to trauma support began in 2001. Since then she has had the pleasure of working with many government institutions, including the Dept. of Education, Dept. of Corrections and Job Corps, along with some amazing nonprofits such as YMCA, DREAM!, The Leadership Program, and The White Privilege Conference along with multiple reputable international entities including the British Embassy, Humboldt University and the Berlin Public and International School System.

As CEO and founder of Forest Hughes & Associates she is dedicated to ensuring that those who serve, heal and protect others receive tailored support that betters their lives and their professional abilities. 


STAFF (& Associates)

We partner with and hire area professionals - psychologists, social workers, somatic therapists, trauma specialists and gifted facilitators from various backgrounds - to develop and offer our signature services in local communities. Each professional receives supplemental training, resources and on-going professional development training to bring their work into alignment with Forest Hughes & Asscociates' vision, commitment, program and process. 


We forge mutually beneficial partnerships with organizations and consultants to increase impact and efficacy. Contact us to discuss opportunities. 


We are always looking for talented and passionate candidates who have extensive experience in trauma support, mind-body therapy, social work, psychology or complimentary areas of expertise. Contact us.