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Decompression Circle™ is a staff support circle to tend to the effects of working on the front lines. 

* On-site
* Confidential
* Serves 2-15 staff per session.

Psychologists know the dangers of Secondary Traumatic Stress (Compassion Fatigue) and Vicarious Trauma and are trained to minimize the impact, monitor their symptoms and get support. Conversely most professionals on the front lines do not get this information. Employers and employees alike underestimate the impact workplace trauma is having on their professional capability, reputation, self-image, physical health, mental health and personal lives.

The Cost.  

Employers, workers, clients and the public all lose when workplace trauma support is not given. Great numbers of highly skilled, trained and disciplined professionals are lost every year due to this lack of support. Some are pushed out of organizations, fired, reassigned or ostracized.  Others burn out, quit or  feel like they are "not cut out for the job." Still others fall into addiction, depression, violence or suicide. Thankfully with the right tools and support things can be turned around; the workers, their organizations, clients and community all benefit.