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Balance US™ is team of professionals available for short-term focused staff support in the aftermath of workplace crisis. 

* On-site
* Confidential
* Intensive support

The Need. 

Crisis always arrives unexpectedly. Whether it's the loss of a staff member, a rash of violence, a riot, attack, sexual assault, threat, public tragedy or an epidemic that affects multiple community members, the need for support drastically increases overnight. 

Forest Hughes & Associates' Balance US™ team gives your staff the back-up they need to make it through these difficult times with custom support packages that fit your community's needs. 

Support packages can include: 

Trauma-sensitive support circles.
Trauma-sensitive mind-body support.
Workshops on the impact of trauma and what staff can expect. 
Workshops that provide guidance and tools on how to respond to the community they serve. 
Online support.