Activists are on the front lines every day, in-tune with society's greatest modern tragedies and crimes against humanity. Witnessing, hearing and reading about social justice issues incurs a physical and mental toll on the witness which can quickly cause, burnout, depression, social isolation, anger, relationship problems, conflict and hopelessness. Repeatedly seeing the darkest sides of humanity , can take a toll on activists from all sectors.  

We Provide Support for Activists. 

Activists play an imperative role in shaping the society we all live in. They deserve to receive custom support for this very important role. We offer our signature service - Decompression Circles™ - to New York City activists where members receive direct support for extended exposure to trauma while learning new tools for self-care. Center Us™ our online program launching Winter 2017, provides daily support to staff across the country from the comfort of their own home.