Teachers are the elders of the community forest, looked upon to support, protect and nurture students' academic and personal growth. 

What happens when the teachers and administrators root systems are tapped from compounded job stress, high testing demands and inadequate training for their new unofficial roles as social workers and an unending sea of student needs? The elders get drained and start experiencing physical and mental distress including body pains, lack of patience, absence of creativity, exhaustion, despair and a general lack of dissatisfaction. 

We Provide Support for Educators. 

Teachers, counselors and administrators are important human beings who serve many. Giving of their love and life-energy it is imperative that they are well cared for. We offer our signature service - Decompression Circles™ to New York City schools where staff receive direct support for extended exposure to trauma while learning the symptoms of trauma and tools for self-care. Center U™ our year-round online program provides daily support to staff across the country from the comfort of their own home. 

Foundational Component of a Trauma-Safe School. 

This layered programming simultaneously supports staff and educates them on trauma and trauma-sensitive classrooms through experiential learning. Providing Decompression Circles™ to staff is one of the most important foundational steps a school can take on their path to becoming a trauma-informed and trauma-safe learning environment.