The emotional component of a lawyer's and judge's work is greatly underestimated and misunderstood. Regardless of the area of law practiced - all cases, by nature, involve conflict which at times become volatile or exposes legal council to violent material on paper or in person. Repeatedly seeing the darkest side of human nature, can take a toll on legal professionals in all areas of practice. 73% of judges showed symptoms of compassion fatigue and 74.8 % of attorneys show functional impairment to their homes, leisure time and work as a result of intense working conditions exposure to traumatic material.

We Provide Support for Legal Professionals. 

Lawyers and judges often hold the fate of people's lives in their hands. It is imperative that they receive all the support they deserve for this very important role. We offer our signature service - Decompression Circles™ - to New York City legal professionals where staff receive direct support for extended exposure to trauma while learning new tools for self-care. Center U™ our year-round online program provides daily support to legal professionals across the country from the comfort of their own home.