Police officers', correction and parole officers' jobs often require daily direct exposure to trauma. As a result they are in a constant state of high-alert; scanning for danger and doing everything in their power to minimize the damage. This necessary hyper-vigilance can very quickly become the default setting for their body 24/7 causing a negative impact on their personal and professional lives as well as their relationships, reputations and the communities they serve. 

We Provide Support for Officers. 

Officers are important pillars of the community who serve and protect many. We offer our signature service - Decompression Circles™ - to New York City officers where staff receive direct support for extended exposure to trauma while learning the symptoms of trauma and tools for self-care. Center U™ our year-round online program provides daily support to officers from the comfort of their own home. 

The Ethics of Support - It's the Right Thing To Do. 

Regular exposure to violence is an indisputable part of officers lives. To leave them with little or no support or knowledge about the effects trauma can have on their lives and their health, is a harsh sentence for people who put their lives on the line for their communities everyday. 

No Stigma Support. 

All officers should partake in weekly Decompression Circles™ as it wards off the negative impact of trauma exposure, prolongs careers, increases well-being on and off the job and can even save their lives by reducing health risks, the possibility of accidents, inappropriate responses and self-harm.