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We Support Professionals on the Front Lines.
Educators : Social Workers : Counselors : Psychologists : Doctors : Nurses : Paramedics : First Responders : 911 and Crisis Hotline Operators : Lawyers : Judges : Policy Makers : Police Officers : Parole Officers : Charity Workers : Activists : Volunteers : Caregivers : You.

Compassion Fatigue

Hearing about someone's suffering 1x can cause the listener to experience PTSD symptoms. Most professionals on the front lines not only hear about personal tragedies but are in direct contact with clients' trauma every day. Multiply those experiences by months and years and the negative impact on one worker's health, well-being and career can reach an acute stage quickly. Something needs to be done. We offer on-site Decompression Circles™ for employees and a year-round online program, Center U™, which reduce and ward off the effects of compassion fatigue / secondary traumatic stress and vicarious trauma. 


Crisis Support 

Crisis always arrives unexpectedly. Whether it's the loss of a staff member, a rash of violence, riot, attack, threat, public tragedy or an epidemic that affects multiple community members, the need for support drastically increases overnight. Our Balance Us™ team is available to provide the extra services you need in the short-term. We support and educate your staff so they can best support your clients, students, patients and community members. 


"It is a tragedy to let the helping professionals suffer when there is support available."
T.E. Hughes


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