Heal the Healers.
Protect the Protectors.
Support the Supporters. 

Compassion Fatigue Support & Post-Crisis Support. 

We support professionals on the front lines.
Educators : Social Workers : Counselors : Psychologists : Doctors : Nurses : Paramedics : First Responders : EMS : 911 and Crisis Hotline Operators : Lawyers : Judges : Policy Makers : Elected Officials : Police Officers : Parole Officers : Military : Charity Workers : Activists : Volunteers : Caregivers : Researchers : Journalists : Reporters : You.

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Compassion Fatigue Support

Most professionals on the front lines hear about or witness clients' trauma every day, all day for years. The impact on one worker's health, well-being and career can reach an acute stage quickly. We offer programs that prevent and heal compassion fatigue. 

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Crisis Support for employees

Call us for post-crisis support. Whether it's the loss of a staff member or a student, violence, an attack, riot, threat, public tragedy or an epidemic that's impacting your community, your need for support drastically increases immediately. 

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